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YAJL-Fort: A Fortran Interface to the YAJL LibraryΒΆ

The YAJL-Fort package provides a modern object-oriented Fortran interface to the YAJL C library, which is an event-driven parser for JSON data streams. JSON is an open standard data interchange format. It is light weight, flexible, easy for humans to read and write, and language independent.

Note that unlike most other JSON libraries, YAJL does not provide or impose an in-memory data structure representation of the JSON data. That is left to higher-level application code through custom parsing event callback functions.

Also included in YAJL-Fort is a module that defines data structures for representing arbitrary JSON data, and procedures built on the YAJL interface for populating the data structures with JSON data read from a file or string.

YAJL-Fort is open source software, distributed under the MIT license.

Get YAJL-Fort on GitHub: